Sitting Pretty and Healthy

If you spend most of your day in a chair, may posibilidad na ang postura mo ay hindi maganda. Wala kasi sa tamang alignment ang iyong spinal column (o backbone) kapag ikaw ay nakaupo. Pag nagpatuloy ang hindi magandang postura—nakaupo man o nakatayo—ay maaaring magresulta sa masakit na likod, fatigue, at panlalambot ng iyong mga … Continue reading Sitting Pretty and Healthy


Year-End Thoughts: Disappointments

I can say truthfully that I was never disappointed with God. Knowing the Scriptures, I can make sense most of the time what he is doing with my life and others. When there are times that I can't make sense of things, I simply trust Him that He is in control of everything. But with … Continue reading Year-End Thoughts: Disappointments

Year-End Thoughts: Compassion for Others

This year I found myself crying for several people. For the unregenerate/unsaved. I've shared the gospel and the Word of God to several people this year, and all I desired and prayed for them was that they would be saved. But after months and months of teaching the Bible to them, they still haven't responded. My … Continue reading Year-End Thoughts: Compassion for Others

Giving: Does It Make Me Less? Changing the Human Mindset to Godly Mindset

Ligtas na ba tayo? Anak na ba tayo ng Diyos? Isang matamis na “Oo” ang malamang na isasagot natin. Pero kahit tayo’y ligtas na, may mga bagay na naiwan sa atin ng dati nating katauhan—ang old sinful nature at siyempre, principles of this world. Bagaman mga anak na ng Diyos ay may nananatili pa rin … Continue reading Giving: Does It Make Me Less? Changing the Human Mindset to Godly Mindset

Year-End Thoughts: Second Chances

This Sunday, we had a whole day service dedicated to prayer and fasting. The first prayer time was individual, so I had the time of coming to God alone. And I laid down myself before Him, one thing dawned on me. After that time of prayer, there was the sentences recitation, congregational singing, offering, choir, … Continue reading Year-End Thoughts: Second Chances

Time for a marriage tune-up?

Take a couple days away and ask these questions. QUESTIONS TO ASK EACH OTHER: How do we feel we’re doing in expressing our personal faith [in Christ] as a living reality in front of our kids? Are we sometimes allowing our children to play one of us against each other? If so, what adjustments can … Continue reading Time for a marriage tune-up?

Marriage: The Things You Argue About

According to Bernice Canners’ Are You Normal? These are things that you… ARGUE ABOUT: 1) Money/Partner’s spending habits 2) Which TV Shows to watch 3) Too little time spent together 4) How to discipline the children 5) How the house is kept 6) Leisure plans 7) How to spend vacations 8) Which friends to see From Marriage Partnership Fall 2002

Different Types of Treasure Stewardship

The Bible shows us three categories of stewardship of treasure: the first giving, second giving and the third giving. The First Giving—Tests our obedience to God The tithe. This is the first level of giving, though technically tithing is not really “giving,” but “returning.” Tithing is returning the 10% of all our blessings from the … Continue reading Different Types of Treasure Stewardship