Feeling Fearful and Feeling Joyful

You may not believe, but recently, I felt both fearful and joyful. Words of people do have force, and if they are hurtful, threatening, and accusing, even if you don't see them and know personally, they can evoke reactions including fear. I certainly felt that these days. Most people in social media are quick to comment, … Continue reading Feeling Fearful and Feeling Joyful


Great and Unpopular!

Many people equate greatness with popularity. And to be popular nowadays, you should be doing outrageous things like wearing grandiose outfits like Lady Gaga or get sexually vocal like Miley Cyrus or do something controversial or sensational shows like producing "The New Family" or "Game of Thrones." I beg to differ. To be great, no … Continue reading Great and Unpopular!

Bringing Back the “Deepness”

I'm an avid reader. Whether in print, or any other media, I find reading a pleasure. Just from September to December this past year, I have read fourteen titles, beside the Bible, and shared what I learned from each of them on social media. Nevertheless, I find in myself and others' writing as well, whether … Continue reading Bringing Back the “Deepness”