Having a Younger Sister

Among my siblings, she's the one I'm closest to.

Among my siblings, she’s the one I’m closest to.

I thank God for giving me the family I have. We sure don’t always meet eye to eye, nevertheless I’m still thankful for them. Having six siblings, I learned how to deal with other people because I learned how to deal with them, because each of them are unique.

But still, in your family there are people whom you share more of yourself than others. For me, one of them is my younger sister, Olivette. In the family, I am closest to her. I don’t know, I just feel more “at home” whenever I’m with her, and she’s the one in my family I really desire to put a smile on (and she smiles often).

Most families have their youngest as the spoiled brat and the little boss. But my sister isn’t one of them. She may be the youngest, the cutest (for me), but she is not certainly a spoiled one. My parents raised her well enough to become a gracious lady she is now. She likes to laugh, but also is frequently serious. She is responsible enough to initiate things that need to be done. And she adores me! Ha ha.

She is brave in her own way, and stands for what she thinks is right. She has gone through the youth-rebel antics once in her life, but she is now more mature and more understanding. And certainly I know she fears God and wants to please Him.

I thank God for giving me a younger sister like her. I would never exchange her for other younger sister.

I wish that you see your younger sibling as I do.