The War Inside by Jon and Tim Foreman


The country we belong may not be at war, but everyone of us are facing it every single day — inside of us. Every decision we’ll make, every action we’ll take, it’s decided there inside of us. Once we realize this, as Jon and his brother Tim did, then we can be better men indeed.


Put your hands up open wide
Put your hands up side by side
Age don’t matter like
Race don’t matter like
Place don’t matter like what’s inside
Let the kick drum kick one time
Breathe out, let your mind unwind
Eyes on the ceiling
Looking for the feeling
Wide open, let your own eyes shine.
Yeah, it’s where the fight begins
Yeah, underneath the skin
Between these hopes
and where we’ve been
Every fight comes
from the fight within.
I get the feeling that we’re living in sci-fi
I get the the feeling
that our weapons are lo-fi
Ain’t no killer like pride
No killer like I
No killer like what’s inside.
Yes, it’s in the air we breathe
Yes, it’s in the blood we bleed
Beneath these dreams
and what we’ve seen
We are the kids of the in-between.
Yes, every thought or deed
Yes, every tree or seed
The big things come
from the little dreams
Every world is made by make believe.
I am the war inside
I am the battle line
I am the rising tide
I am the war I fight
Eyes open, open wide
I can feel it like a crack in my spine
I can feel it like the back of my mind
I am the war inside.


“The War Inside” is from the Vice Verses album, released 2011. © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.


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