He is the True God!

by Pastor Felizardo Abanto

1 Kings 17

During the time of the prophet Elijah, God manifested His power when He brought down fire from Heaven which consumed all of Elijah’s sacrifice, the stone altar, and even the water on the trench around the altar. God did it in answer to Elijah’s prayer proving that his God is the true God, that he is God’s prophet and that God wants Israel to return unto Him.

That is the spirit of my prayer when I told two women that we can pray for their loved ones and God, the true and living God, will grant our requests. One of those women is now our member. Mrs. Aquino’s daughter Diane did not come home that Friday from school because she was afraid she would be punished if she would come home without her cell phone. Although she told her friends that she won’t be punished, she still didn’t show up. We visited Mrs. Aquino the following day, Saturday, and beginning from her problem I shared to her salvation in Jesus Christ. She accepted the Lord. Then I told her we could now ask the Lord to make her daughter come home and God would surely do it. She agreed and we prayed. They still looked for her that day and we even went to the barangay captain to ask for their help. Still, no sign of her. But that Sunday evening, God surprised Mrs. Aquino when her daughter appeared outside their gate, telling her she’s coming home. The following Sunday, Mrs. Diane Aquino, her daughter Diane, and Irene attended our church as he promised Jeremiah and followed the Lord in baptism. Amen! I told her, “You see sister, God is alive and powerful. He answered our prayers!” Actually, what I want to tell her was this: “You see sister? My God is the true God and I am His servant and she wants you to return to Him and serve Him!” Praise the Lord!


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