God Answered My Prayer!

By Pastor Felizardo Abanto

The event showing this great truth happened about a week after Diane’s experience. It was a very tragic event to the family. I don’t want to deepen the hurt nor freshen the memories of those involved. So I will just dwell on the prayer and God’s answer. The young man who was the object of our prayer, left their house because of the tragic event and was already gone for two weeks. The family can’t expect him to return due to what he did and his different condition.

When I talked to his sister I just advised her to receive the Lord Jesus as her Savior. After she followed my advice I told her we could ask God to make him come back wherever he is. And God will surely do it. She agreed and I prayed God to take care of him while he was away and to make him return. That was Friday afternoon. The following Saturday evening, my son Israel was riding a bicycle going home inside our subdivision when he noticed a young man walking towards our house. He looked familiar so he came near him and recognized him as the young man we were praying for. Israel led him to our house and told him to stay while he gets his family and me. That night we praise and thank the Lord for answering our prayers.

I told his sister, “You see, God is really alive and powerful. He made your brother come back.” His mother said, “Pastor, God’s really good. He answered your prayer immediately.” Because of this experience his sister is now attending and will be baptized one Sunday.


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