Fear (A Poem)

by Elijah Abanto

I tremble, I shake, sometimes I break

I think, “This is more than I can take,”

Here he comes, oh here he comes

FEAR, with his ugly, big thumbs.


He prowls, he prowls, shout does He

Insults, revilings, or threats they may be.

And insult, revile, threaten he did—

All I could do is watch while I hid.


But then I realized, there’s still one bigger Giant

“I’m more powerful, more strong,” He did grant

So why should I tremble, shake, or break

When God, my Savior, is the Refuge I take?


Now O Fear, how I know to defeat you, my dear!

I’ll just listen to the voice of God, I now hear

And follow what He says, and do what He wills

And I will take COURAGE, and kill you, you Fear!


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