Poetry for Grandparents



Nagpapadala ang Makapangyarihan sa Lahat ng mga makalangit na nilalang sa buhay ng bawat bata, sa anyo ng mga lolo at lola. Sila ay mga mahal na mga kaloob ng Dios sa sangkatauhan, pinili upang magbahagi ng lakas, karunungan at pag-ibig mula sa isang henerasyon papunta sa isang henerasyon. Ang kanilang init ay madarama sa kanilang yakap at ang kanilang pag-ibig para sa atin ay naaaninag sa kanilang tumatanda nang mata. Maraming mga manunula ang pinuri ang mga huwarang nilalang na ito sa kanilang mga tula. (Pinanatili na lamang sa ingles ang linggwahe ng mga sulatin upang mapanatili ang ganda ng tula.)
God’s Gift of Grandparents

Grandparents are like honeybees;

They are the very sweetest.
They give you hugs and kisses,
And their stories are the neatest.

The honey they produce
Is more valuable than gold,
For this honey is the lessons
That we lovingly are told.

Grandparents want the best for us
And say we can achieve
Any goal that we have set,
If only we believe.

They help us spread our wings
So when we leave our honeycomb ,
We’ll make the right decisions
Though we be away from home.

Yes, grandpas are like silver,
And grandmas are a gem,
But better than one hundred diamonds
Are the things I learn from them.
– By Alyssa Marie Bentham

Few can bring the warmth
We can find in their embrace,
And little more is needed to bring love.
Than the smile on their face.

They’ve a supply of precious stories,
Yet they’ve time to wipe a tear,
Or give us reasons to make us laugh,
They grow more precious through the years.

I believe that God sent us Grandparents
As our legacy from above,
To share the moments of our life,
As extra measures of His love.
– By Unknown Author

God’s Gift of Angels
She rocks another baby…
hums an age old lullaby
She hopes no one is watching
as with thanks, she starts to cry

Remembering the time
when the babies were her own
And her mother told her gently
too soon they would be grown

Lots of bedtime stories,
skinned knees, and tears to dry
Teddy bears, toy trucks and dolls
and kites up in the sky

First days of school, first loves,
the proms, the wedding days
Sand castles and snowball fights
and teaching them to pray

Now, as she holds her grandchild
and gives thanks unto the Lord
She knows to be a Grandma
is motherhood’s reward!
– By Unknown Author


This article was taken from http://www.thegrandparentsday.com/poems/christian-poems.html. All rights reserved.


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