The Way Out of Depression


Hope. Thought renewal. Help. Dependence upon God. These must be the things a depressed person needs to get back to life. But most people who are really depressed hardly go back to normal but end up in suicide or total destruction of living. With these in mind, what can we do to help a depressed person or even ourselves to go out of depression?

First, we must know what depression is. Depression is the state of mind that causes people to see everything around them in a negative way. They experience feelings of sadness, failure, rejection, and lose sight of reality. They are overwhelmed by a feeling that God has abandoned them. Knowing these things, follow these simple steps:

1) Show the person that he is not alone. Take him to Hebrews 13:5 and emphasize the fact that God is with him and that he must seek Him.

2) Encourage him to renew his mind (Romans 12:2). Changing his way of thinking will enable him to see the marvelous plans that God has for his life.

3) Invite him to cast his cares on to Jesus (Matthew 11:28). It is His desire that we give Him all our worries so that we can find our rest in Him.

4) Pray with him. It must be a confession of victory, a declaration of the excellent things God has for us and must emphasize how much God loves us and believes in us.

New believers, I encourage you not to let your problems oppress you. Trust in Jesus and bring all your feelings and problems to Him. With this in mind, and Romans 12:2 (“be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”), there will sure be a way out of the most undesirable situation in every man’s life—depression.


What Sort of Friend Are You?

by Keith Piper

Proverbs 27:1-27

One of the greatest blessings that God offers us is the gift of His friendship, love and acceptance. “Henceforth I call you not servants…but I have called you friends…” John 15:5. If we are to be like Christ like, we should show this same friendship of Christ to others.

Question: Why are some people unsuccessful at winning people to Christ? Answer: One reason may be that they are not willing to be friends to those that they share Christ with. For any church to grow, quality friendships must be shown.

Consider these verses about friendship: Job 6:14; Psalm 41:9; Proverbs 17:17; 18:24; 19:6; 27:6, 10, 17; Matthew 11:19; 26:50; Proverbs 22:24; James 2:23; 4:4; 3 John 14.

What is a friend? A friend is a trusted confidante to whom I am mutually drawn as a companion and ally, whose love for me is not dependent on my performance, and whose influence draws me closer to God.

The three levels of friendship are: a) Casual friends or acquaintances. These are people that you know of. There is nothing wrong with being friends with the unsaved as long as you are on this level and nothing more. B) Close personal friends. C) Intimate best friends. Those few with whom we share our deepest feelings (maybe three or four people).

What are the eight characteristics of a good friend? A) Loyal (Proverbs 20:6). It means defending him (2 Timothy 4:16,17) and supporting him (Proverbs 17:17). B) Deep Sharing. It consists of listening (James 1:19) to: what is said, the message conveyed, its meaning, and the message behind the words; speaking (Proverbs 15:4; 25:11);  accepting (Eph. 1:6); and understanding (Prov. 2:6). C) Fun to be with. Do things together. D) Stimulating—meaning to encourage, help, ask, and propose new tasks (Hebrews 10:24,25). E) Encouraging. Share Scriptures, pray together and lift their loads—also keep them from sin. (Hebrews 3:13) F) Self-sacrificing (John 15:13; Philippians 2:4). G) Agape Love. Giving, expecting nothing in return. H) Spiritually Challenging. Friends drive us toward God, or away from God.

Note: TIME and EFFORT builds these qualities into a friendship.