Where I Belong by Jon and Tim Foreman


Are there times when you just get real tired in this world, and wished that you rest, that true rest? Many times I prayed to God to take me then, bring me to His home, the place where is no pain, no tears, just pure praise, and joy. I want heaven. And like Jon and Tim, we who believe in God know that one day, we’ll get there. We just have, while we are here in “the shores of Babylon,” live our life like a song.

I’m feeling like a refugee,
Like it doesn’t belong to me,
The colors flash across the sky.


This air feels strange to me,
Feeling like a tragedy,
I take a deep breath and close my eyes.
One last time.


Stones on the wasteland,
Dark clouds on the plains again,
We were born into the fight.


But I’m not sentimental,
These skin and bones are a rental,
And no one makes it out alive.


Feels like we’re just waiting, waiting,
While our hearts are just breaking, breaking,
Feels that we’re fighting against the tide.


I wanna see the earth start shaking,
I wanna see a generation,
Finally waking up inside.


Until I die I’ll sing these songs,
On the shores of Babylon,
Still looking for a home,
In a world where I belong.


Where the weak are finally strong,
Where the righteous right the wrongs,
Still looking for a home,
In a world where I belong.


This body’s not my home,
This world is not my home,
But I still can hear the sound,
Of my heart beating now—

So [I will go], and sing it loud!

On the final day, [or if] I die,
I want to hold my head up high,
I want to tell You that I’ve tried,
To live it like a song.


And when I reach the other side,
I want to look You in the eye,
And know that I’ve arrived,
In a world where I belong,
Where I belong.


I still believe we could live forever,
You and I we begin forever now,
Forever now,


“Where I Belong” is from the Vice Verses album, released 2011. © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.