Please, Don’t Ignore!

by Marbien Beniza Edited by Elijah Abanto IS IT HARD TO SEEK FOR THE TRUTH OR MAYBE WE ALREADY KNOW THE TRUTH BUT WE KEEP ON BEING BLIND BECAUSE WE WANT TO STICK┬áTO WHAT WE GOT USED TO? Base sa ating pananaw, kung ano ang ating kinalakihan ay yun na ang tama. But we're ABSOLUTELY … Continue reading Please, Don’t Ignore!


Where I Belong by Jon and Tim Foreman

Are there times when you just get real tired in this world, and wished that you rest, that true rest? Many times I prayed to God to take me then, bring me to His home, the place where is no pain, no tears, just pure praise, and joy. I want heaven. And like Jon and … Continue reading Where I Belong by Jon and Tim Foreman