Year-End Thoughts: Second Chances


This Sunday, we had a whole day service dedicated to prayer and fasting. The first prayer time was individual, so I had the time of coming to God alone. And I laid down myself before Him, one thing dawned on me. After that time of prayer, there was the sentences recitation, congregational singing, offering, choir, message, then rest, then singing, and giving of praise testimonies. After that another time for prayer, and this time it was by group. I led the Young Men’s group and as we prayed, one thing dawned on me.

Second chances.

I am thinking of that even as of this moment. I have done a terrible thing in God’s sight and have done terrible things in His sight in the past, and every time I could only cry and beat my chest and bow my head in shame before Him. I remember my sins, my shortcomings, and all I could do is ask forgiveness and mercy, because I think I couldn’t continue on.

But then there was this moment. This moment that after prayer, you’re still existing. I’m still existing. Despite the “death-worthy” deed done (Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death”), I’m still here, typing these words. Living. Continuing on.

Second chances.

I’ve done good things this year. I’ve done terrible things this year, also. And however I wanted to, I couldn’t erase those. But as I think that God is still giving me the coming year 2015 to continue on, I realize that He is giving me a second chance. I don’t believe the quote that “man deserves a second chance.” No. We don’t deserve it, sinful and rebellious and skeptical creatures that we are. But I believe we need it.

And thank God He gives us a second chance. And a third. And a fourth.

Lord, help me not to abuse the second chances you give me. By Your grace. By Your power.