Marriage Myths


MYTH #1:

Kaya kong baguhin ang aking asawa.

You can only change yourself.

  • Work on yourself.
  • Praise your husband.
  • Huwag hayaang lumaki ang mga issue.
  • Maging understanding. Ilagay mo ang iyong sarili sa kanyang katayuan.
  • Bawasan ang iyong pagdepende sa inyong asawa.
  • Be patient.

MYTH #2:

Sobrang magkaiba kami.

Hindi makakapatay ang incompatibility ng isang relasyon.

  • Huwag hayaang lubugan ka ng araw sa iyong galit. (Eph. 4:26)
  • Huwag maging mabilis sa paglabas ng galit. (Pro. 29:11)
  • Huwag masanay sa pagtawag-pangalan pag galit. (Mt. 5:22)
  • Huwag gumanti. (Rom. 12:19)
  • Patawarin ang taong kinagalitan mo. (Mt. 6:14)
  • Alamin ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit ka nagalit. (Ps. 139:23-24)
  • Huwag manatiling galit. (Colossians 3:8)
  • Ilapit ang iyong galit sa Diyos. (1 Peter 5:7)

– from Today’s Christian Woman November/December 2001, pp.56-58).

Time for a marriage tune-up?

Take a couple days away and ask these questions.


  • How do we feel we’re doing in expressing our personal faith [in Christ] as a living reality in front of our kids?
  • Are we sometimes allowing our children to play one of us against each other? If so, what adjustments can we make to avoid that?
  • Are we praying for children’s future and for the mates God is preparing for them?
  • Do our children understand that our marriage relationship is a top priority in our family?
  • How are we each doing individually and together as a couple on building our spiritual lives?
  • Is the atmosphere of our home one that’s filled with joy and positive expectation? If not, what adjustments do we need to make?
  • What are we doing to make sure we’re growing together, as opposed to growing apart?

Adapted from Beneath the Surface by Bob Reccord ©2002.

Taken from Marriage Partnership Fall 2002 Issue, page 14.

Marriage: The Things You Argue About

According to Bernice Canners’ Are You Normal?

These are things that you… ARGUE ABOUT:

1) Money/Partner’s spending habits

2) Which TV Shows to watch

3) Too little time spent together

4) How to discipline the children

5) How the house is kept

6) Leisure plans

7) How to spend vacations

8) Which friends to see

From Marriage Partnership Fall 2002