How to Overcome Temptation

by Pastor Felizardo D. Abanto

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.—1 Corinthians 10:13

1) God knows us and He will never let us receive any temptation that is too great for us to resist.

2) God provides us with a way of escape from temptation.

3) Because Christ was tempted Himself and overcame it, He is there with us when we are tempted and is able to help us overcome it.

I encourage you, believers, to honestly acknowledge your weaknesses, and ask God’s help because He is our Only Source of help. Spend time doing things that will strengthen your spiritual life, like studying and reading the Bible, praying, helping in church. Realize how many things you can lose if you give in to temptation—your fellowship with God and other believers, your joy in the Christian life, and your inward and outward testimony.

Mercy’s War by Jon Foreman

God is not silent, nor is He dead, as many unbelievers of Him say. He still fights, He’s still in a war, but in a different kind of war. The weapon He uses today are not swords and guns, but mercy, shown in the love displayed by our Lord Jesus. Jon Foreman’s writing prowess here is at its best and masterpiece-like state.

I was looking for excuses
And You offered me my soul
In the name of all my weakness
In the name of rock and roll
By His sickness I am healed
Because they broke You, I am whole
O the wonderful blood of Jesus

I went looking for the fig leaves
And You asked me what they’re for
I was building up a wall
And You offered me a door
I was hoping for silver spoons
When You handed me a sword—
O the wonderful blood of Jesus!

Maker is unmade
Love succumbs to hate
Life himself is slain
Is death the only way?
Is death the only way?

I went looking for religion
Absolutely not a friend
I went looking for ways out
And You showed me the way in
I went looking for a ghost
And instead I found a Man—
O the wonderful blood of Jesus!

Felt like I was at the end
Felt like giving up on life
I talked about Your mother
And denied You once or twice
I plucked out Your beard
Put a sword into Your side—
O the wonderful blood of Jesus!

Life and love are atoned
By the blades of all our swords
We cut the final cord
But this is mercy’s war.

I was chasing after safety
When my world went up in flames
I watched all my defenses
Washed like ashes down the drain
I thought You were a stranger
But You called me out by name—
O the wonderful blood of Jesus!

Your wounds were gaping open
I couldn’t recognize You at first
All I had to offer
Was an insult or a curse
The blood dripped down like poison
On the nauseated earth—
O the wonderful blood of Jesus!

This is mercy’s war

This is mercy’s war

This is mercy’s war
O the wonderful blood of Jesus!

“Mercy’s War” is from The Wonderlands: Dawn EP, released 2015. © Atlantic/Lowercase People Records.

Ghost Machine by Jon Foreman


What is technology doing to us? Are we becoming so much dependent on it, that we can’t live without it, that we can’t come out from the virtual worlds we are in and go out into the real world? Jon Foreman uses clever word play as he explores what technology does to us, and how it’s very similar to what sins does to us.


All hail the siren of our time

I’m possessed when she passes by

She drains the best years of my life

She makes promises she could never keep


Ain’t it a ghost machine

Makin’ a ghost out of me?

After all the lies I’m surprised that I still believe

I swear she’s gonna make a dead man out of me

My ghost machine


Father, forgive me ‘cause I know

Exactly how I spread my soul

My idolatry’s in the pocket of my coat

I make promises I could never keep


Ain’t it a ghost machine?

Ain’t she a ghost machine?

I’m still haunted by the faces on a screen

I swear she’s gonna make a dead man out of me


‘Do you know yourself?’

I heard a Voice call out

‘We define ourselves by the things we can’t live without.’

‘I could knock it,

‘I could quit it anytime.’

But my ghost is a drug,

My ghost is a drug.

She’s in my blood

And I can’t give her up.


The clock, the altar of our time

The thought, the temple of our mind

And I’ve been sprinklin’ the blood of most my life

On the Altars of my ghost machines.


Ain’t she my Enemy?

My Ancient Liberty?

The gods of all the empty promises that I believed

She haunts me with a laughter in my dreams

I swear she’s gonna make a dead man out of me

… my ghost machine.


From Jon Foreman’s song “Ghost Machine,” from The Wonderlands: Shadows EP, released 2015. All rights reserved.