Destined To Be Yours (A Christian’s Thoughts)

DTBY Finale

The reason why I tuned to this show is because of the AlDub love-team. Like my family, I was mesmerized by the way this love-team (Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza) was formed. I believe it has something to do with my faith that I came to be one of their supporters. Unlike other love-teams, this love-team began without a kiss, but just a glance. The love-team’s first TV love story proved that you can still induce “kilig” even without a touch or a kiss or any of that kind. No other love-team fans are posting Bible verses everyday on Twitter before introducing their hashtag of the day but the AlDub Nation. It seems to show that you can be an admirer of these people without having to set aside your faith. Alden Richards, although a Catholic, has never been ashamed to thank and praise God for the success he’s gotten, and is actually vocal about it (he sang two gospel songs on his sold-out Upsurge concert). I never see myself an admirer of KathNiel love-team, or the LizQuen, much less the JaDine (with their sexy image), but I can say that I like and support the AlDub.

Not that I approve of everything they have done recently. As entertainers, there would really come a time when actual kisses, revealing poses and other objectionable things happen between them, and I have never approved and will never approve of that.

Now to our actual topic.  Destined To Be Yours is their first TV series, and I was not disappointed. I believe this is the kind of show they must first have. (I disagree with many AlDub fans on this one, seeing the story as mediocre or a show they do not deserve.) The plot may be a typical love story, with all its challenges and tears, but I think that it is just the right story for them now. The way they showed it (the art, the music, the dialogue, the hugot) is appropriate, specially for a star just beginning her acting career. Alden Richards is as good in acting as ever, and Maine Mendoza is really improving in hers. (I think making her character a DJ is really perfect for her.) The supporting cast (good or villain) are excellent, especially the veterans.

It’s not just a romantic comedy; it’s also a family drama, promoting family relationships, which is a good side to it.

The “hugot lines” are witty takes on romantic love, though I would not always agree that they are true.

If you are looking for a show that would strengthen your faith in God, of course, this would not be it, but this show has bits of truth to offer to us.

This series is surely better and more innocent than any love story shown on TV made by Filipinos recently.

Encantadia 2016 (A Christian Review)

Enca finale photo

So it has ended. After 218 top-rating episodes, this epic fantasy series has ended.

Nostalgia. This must be the reason why I (and many others) had become excited about this remake of hit “telefantasya” from 2005. I remember myself together with my siblings sitting in front of the television watching with rapt attention this groundbreaking series on Philippine TV landscape. And since it ended back then, it made its mark on my mind and heart, waiting to be relived again. And then this remake-sequel. As a Filipino, I feel very honored that this kind of show is made in our country. The special effects are even more believable (way better than the original version), and the plot, I can say, is very excellent and well-thought of. The performances are top-notch, the details are more neat with virtually no loop holes. From a person wanting to be entertained and satisfied, I will surely count myself in as experienced the two. I would have to admit that during its finale, I joined Twitter users in using the hashtag #IvoLiveEncantadia as my support for the show.

But I am not just a Filipino. More than that, I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. Because of that, I would have to do all things to God’s glory (1 Cor. 10:31) and make sure that what I am doing is edifying, if not expedient (1 Cor. 10:23). And though I would have to admit that watching this show (or any TV or movie show, for that matter) is expedient, I believe that my faith has been edified by watching the show, and because of that, more often than not, I believe that I gave God the glory when I watched this show.

First, I am reminded that whatever hardships or sufferings we face, at the end the good will triumph and evil will be defeated. This important point is eloquently portrayed by the show.

Second, I am reminded that evil couldn’t be overcome with evil, but with good. At the times when the characters chose an evil deed to try to defeat evil, there was no sound victory. But when they decided to choose the right way to do things, they are rewarded with a great victory.

Third, I am reminded that there are sacrifices to be made if we will do the right thing.

For me, these things are important to be pointed out, especially in this present times, where evil seems to triumph.

Nevertheless, for me to end this review positively would not be honest, because obviously, this show has many “sins” that we should ignore to get to the good lessons it wants to teach. And whether you like it or not, these things can affect every one, especially children who are in their formative years.

The immodest apparel. The women (whether protagonists or antagonists) are not dressed properly when in fight scenes, showing ample amounts of cleavage and bare legs.

The confused theology. We may say that this is just a fictional series and fantasy, but the things it portrays can condition the mind into accepting heresies and unbiblical notions about God. It insinuates dualism, where it shows that there is a God worshiped in the world of humans, and a God in the world of the “encantados.” It teaches polytheism, that there are many gods, like Emre, Ether, Arde, Keros, etc., having strengths and weaknesses, several good and other evil. Then there’s the doctrine of exaltation, where one can become a god himself (in the show’s case, herself, who is Cassiopeia). We are given a taste of reincarnation, where Amihan’s spirit is shown to live in a new body and personality. These are just a few of the wrong things Encantadia may have consciously or unconsciously inserting into the minds of its viewers.

You can add more to this list, but currently these are what came to mind when I watched the show.

So those of you who plan to watch this series, and you are a Christian, I invite you not to watch this show (and any other show for that matter) just to be entertained. Be discerning to see what’s wrong and get what you can learn.

What can you say about this show? Leave your thoughts at the comments section below.