Tips for Watching TV

Watching TV had been my hobby mula noong bata ako hanggang sa lumaki ako, maybe till the age 16. Ask me at that time about every TV show, basta GMA 7, alam ko. Na-inspire pa nga ako na magsulat ng notebook ng kanilang schedule pati mga sponsoring products (!) nito. Kabisado ko pa ang mga … Continue reading Tips for Watching TV


The Plug-In Drug

by Charles R. Swindoll Isang nakamamanghang eksperimento sa adiksyon ang iniulat sa isang issue ng Good Housekeeping magazine. Hindi adiksyon sa droga. Hindi rin adiksyon sa alcohol. Ito’y adiksyon sa telebisyon. May isang diyaryo sa Detroit [USA] na nagbigay ng offer sa 120 pamilya sa lungsod. Pinangakuan ang mga pamilya ng 500 dolyares kung sila’y … Continue reading The Plug-In Drug

Destined To Be Yours (A Christian’s Thoughts)

The reason why I tuned to this show is because of the AlDub love-team. Like my family, I was mesmerized by the way this love-team (Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza) was formed. I believe it has something to do with my faith that I came to be one of their supporters. Unlike other love-teams, this … Continue reading Destined To Be Yours (A Christian’s Thoughts)

Encantadia 2016 (A Christian Review)

So it has ended. After 218 top-rating episodes, this epic fantasy series has ended. Nostalgia. This must be the reason why I (and many others) had become excited about this remake of hit "telefantasya" from 2005. I remember myself together with my siblings sitting in front of the television watching with rapt attention this groundbreaking … Continue reading Encantadia 2016 (A Christian Review)