So, God is My Partner… Saan?


Sa pera ba, sa trabaho ko ba, saan ba dapat?” tanong mo. Well, ang sagot lang diyan ay sa lahat-lahat ng iyong buhay. Lahat. Partner natin ang Dios sa lahat ng kaya mong maisip na mayroong kaugnayan sa atin.

Naging partner mo ang Dios sa kaligtasan: Siya ang napako sa krus, at tinanggap mo Siya bilang Tagapagligtas. Di ba partnership iyon? May mangyayari ba kung ang Dios lang ang gumawa? Oo, pwede Niya tayong iligtas nang sapilitan kung gugustuhin Niya pero hindi Niya gagawin iyon sa aspetong ito. Ginawa Niyang kailangan may gawin tayo para matanggap ang kaligtasan; sa gayon, ay partner na agad natin ang Dios sa kaligtasan pa lang.

Para may guide ka kung saan mo dapat maging partner ang Dios sa buhay mo, isipin ang bawat aspetong ito kung may naging bahagi ka sa mga ito:

1) Creation—may pakielam ka ba sa Kanyang mga nilikha, o binabalewala o sinisira mo pa?

2) Government—nakatunganga ka lang ba sa TV at pinapanood kung anong latest na corruption?

3) Community—may pakielam ka ba sa kalagayan ng paligid mo, o sarili mo lang ang iyong iniintindi?

4) Education—nag-aaral ka ba nang mabuti, o sinusuportahan mo ba  ang iyong mga anak sa pag-aaral?

5) Time—paano mo ginagamit ang oras mo?

6) Testimony—inaalagaan mo ba ang patotoo mo o wala kang pakielam sa tingin sayo ng tao?

7) Talents—ginagamit mo ba ang iyong kakayahan para sa Panginoon o nakatunganga ka lang sa isang tabi?

8) Treasure—iniisip mo ba ang Dios at Gawain Niya sa perang natatanggap mo?


Patron Saint of Rock ‘n Roll by Jon Foreman


“Rock ‘n Roll” people is a term used for the desperate sinners, the needy, the poor, the outcasts. Who is their patron saint? I believe that it is not the statues of Catholic saints, but the ones who profess Christ. We are the saints that should come to them and bring them to God. Jon Foreman laments that we are not being what we are supposed to be.

I saw the patron saints
Parade down city hall
I saw the patron saints
For the handsome, rich, and tall

I felt so out of place
Appalling and appalled
They all drew away
And there was no one left to call…


I stood and watched the parade
Crowded in the back
I couldn’t see a thing
Through the patriotic flag

The huddled masses and me
Disillusioned in the rain, wondering
What America means
When I feel so out of place…


Cause there ain’t no surrogate saviour for my soul
There ain’t no patron saint for rock and roll.


Sometimes I feel lonely
Devilish and old
As if my congregation
Were the bitter cold
And my hymnal
Feels like it’s got holes
Christ alone could save my soul!

There’s a park downtown
Where the homeless get ignored,
Where the church next door is a crowd
Singing blessed “Blessed are the poor,”
Where the mercedes drive away
Muttering, “druggies, drunks, and whores”
Where the bumper sticker displays
“My co-pilot is the Lord”…


But there ain’t no surrogate saviour for my soul
There ain’t no patron saint for rock and roll.


“Patron Saint of Rock ‘N Roll” is from The Wonderlands: Sunlight EP, released 2015. © Atlantic/Lowercase People Records.


Year-End Thoughts: Compassion for Others

tears in eyesThis year I found myself crying for several people.

For the unregenerate/unsaved. I’ve shared the gospel and the Word of God to several people this year, and all I desired and prayed for them was that they would be saved. But after months and months of teaching the Bible to them, they still haven’t responded. My uncle also who gave his time and spent his money for buying things for me when I was a child still couldn’t trust Jesus as his Savior and Lord. They must have been thinking that not believing God and what I said was my loss, but nothing could be more untrue. In reality, they are the ones who lose. I cry every time I bring them to God in prayer. Even at this moment, I feel myself at the verge of crying.

For two special people. One time I went to a far province in the country, and met two young men of a church there with whom I became burdened to disciple. With all my heart I taught them truths of Scripture and challenged them to live for God, and they responded positively. I left that province and returned home, praying that these two people would continue.

But now at this time I received news that they are once again struggling. It’s because their father, who was a professing Christian and member of that church, was still backsliding and drinking. Their mother was better, but they saw her not being faithful to church. Their older sister went to another province and was now involved with some foreigner guy they didn’t know. They seemed to so ashamed of their family that they were so ashamed of attending the church themselves. Every time I think of what happened to them, I couldn’t help but cry.

I was asking God, “Why are these things happening to them? Why couldn’t they be near to You as I am, experiencing this contented life with You?” But then I realized Jesus said something similar to these words, proving that He also experienced the same pain for others.

And it’s because of compassion. If I don’t have love for these people, I wouldn’t experience pain for what’s happening to them. That makes me pray for them continually, hoping that things will get better for them.

And that is one of the things I will not want to lose as this year ends and as the next year comes–compassion for others.