Time for a marriage tune-up?

Take a couple days away and ask these questions.


  • How do we feel we’re doing in expressing our personal faith [in Christ] as a living reality in front of our kids?
  • Are we sometimes allowing our children to play one of us against each other? If so, what adjustments can we make to avoid that?
  • Are we praying for children’s future and for the mates God is preparing for them?
  • Do our children understand that our marriage relationship is a top priority in our family?
  • How are we each doing individually and together as a couple on building our spiritual lives?
  • Is the atmosphere of our home one that’s filled with joy and positive expectation? If not, what adjustments do we need to make?
  • What are we doing to make sure we’re growing together, as opposed to growing apart?

Adapted from Beneath the Surface by Bob Reccord ©2002.

Taken from Marriage Partnership Fall 2002 Issue, page 14.